Billionaire Steve Wynn Relists Lavish 90210 Spread for $115M

Billionaire Steve Wynn Relists Lavish 90210 Spread for $115M

Published: October 16, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

The Beverly Hills trophy estate that was custom built for Guess co-founder Maurice Marciano and is currently owned by casino kingpin Steve Wynn is back on the open market this month. The property is still asking $115 million, quite a bit below its initial $135 million sticker.

The property is a leviathan, and the mansion and guest house accommodations total eleven bedrooms and fifteen baths across 27,150 sq. ft. of interiors. The grounds follow suit, and the estate’s demarcations hem in 2.69 acres of Beverly Hills landscape, a sizeable chunk of high-dollar terra firma. Plenty of room for a romantically meandering driveway, walking paths, and a sunken tennis court surrounded by impenetrable hedge wall.

The residence has been renovated by Wynn. Its living style is glossy and glitzy, and has the openness and atmosphere of a contemporary luxury hotel. Backlit tray ceilings, stone floors, and a mix of striking primary colors help define the mansion’s interiors. Amenities include a theater, and a gym, all proportioned relative to the home, as well as a massage room, pool and pool house.

Wynn’s net worth is north of $3 billion. Earlier this year, Wynn’s Family Foundation made a $50 million donation toward building The Wynn Hospital in Utica, New York—the place where he was raised.

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