Alfa Romeo Details 2022 Giulia, Stelvio

Alfa Romeo Details 2022 Giulia, Stelvio

Published: October 14, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Alfa Romeo revealed information on its popular Giulia and Stelvio models for the upcoming production year. For 2022 the updates will be focused on tech, and improving the standard feature set profile.

The models’ lineup once again includes four variations, from the entry level Sprint to the performance-grade RWD-only Quadrifoglio. For the new year, the Ti Sport has been renamed the Veloce, but otherwise the series is designed in the same way.

A look at the changes from 2021 to 2022 reveals the addition of driver assist features—no surprise there. The new tech includes adaptive cruise, automated headlamp switching, and lane departure warning; blind-spot monitoring is also included. Creature comforts for 2022 include heated seats throughout and wireless phone charging capability. But there are no changes to the powertrain.

The price differential from bottom tier to top makes for a generous spread. The Giulia’s Sprint is base-priced at $42,950, while the Quadrifoglio comes in at $80,030 for 2022; the Stelvio’s Sprint starts at $45,150, with the Quadrifoglio version beginning at $86,850.

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