Maybach Marks Centennial With ‘Edition 100’ S-Class, GLS-Class

Maybach Marks Centennial With ‘Edition 100’ S-Class, GLS-Class

Published: October 7, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Mercedes-Maybach rolled out its centenary figurehead recently. The company’s luxury brand has been formally incorporated for 100 years, and to mark the occasion of Maybach’s birthday it designed limited-edition versions of the S-Class and GLS-Class called the ‘Edition 100’.

The Edition 100 sedan would appear to be an S 680, the Maybach flagship that was introduced—or reintroduced—in the spring of this year, except for the fact that it’s seven inches longer than the long-wheelbase S-Class, and an AWD model as well. It packs the upper-level Maybach’s V12 engine, and gets 621 horsepower out of it just as the S 680 does. A torque rating is not provided in the Merc press release, but the S 680 has 738 pound-feet to play with, so we’re guessing the Edition 100 has the same rating. The GLS receives the company’s V8.

Special touches, edition-specific badging and creature comforts abound in and on the Edition 100 vehicles, needless to say. Edition 100 is outfitted with a Burmmester 4D surround system, and the characteristic Maybach two-tone is in this case a fetching scheme of silver and blue. The interiors are swathed in Merc’s MANUFAKTUR customization division’s leather in white and soft gray, and ‘Edition 100’ is emblazoned on the illuminated panels of the editions, and elsewhere. The Edition 100 S comes with a special car cover, and a key and essential papers case in white or black leather.

Look for the two 100-example limited-edition Maybachs in the first half of the upcoming year.


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