Genesis GV60 EV Aimed at Luxury Crossover Market

Genesis GV60 EV Aimed at Luxury Crossover Market

Published: September 28, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

At the Shanghai Auto Show this spring, Korea-based luxury automaker Genesis revealed an electrified version of its flagship sedan, the G80 touring car, for the 2022 model year.

The unveiling of the EV was but a spearhead for a more general transitional rollout, though, and the company took time out late this summer to take the wraps off its next electrified sedan, an EV version of the G60 which Genesis calls the GV60.

The Genesis press release focuses on the car’s over design, so the news at present is but an introduction to a contender in the upper tier of the mid-size class of SUEVs. In profile, the car looks sleek but bulky, with rounded corners, ‘Quad Lamps’ headlights and what appear to be vanishing door latches giving it the quasi-futuristic look the company’s marketing material associates with ‘EV specific typology’.

Inside the car, the focus is on the ‘Crystal Sphere’ that adorns the console. The interactive locus appears to be a logic control, as it lights up to indicate that the vehicle has been turned on and is used to control operating modes.

The family-friendly SUV will probably hit the road a little later than the Electrified G80; it’s been given an inaugural model year of 2023.

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