Rihanna’s Beverly Hills Stunner on the Rental Market for $80K/Month

Rihanna’s Beverly Hills Stunner on the Rental Market for $80K/Month

Published: July 24, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Silver-piped songstress Rihanna purchased a rebuilt 7,628 square-footer in Beverly Hills Post Office earlier this year, taking ownership for $13.75 million. A few months later, and the house is back in the real estate news, this time as a rental: to move in and call the house home, you’ll need to have the wherewithal to fork over $80K per month.

The home’s style will appeal hugely to mavens of the up-to-date. It was rebuilt in the final months of the last decade, replacing a 1938-built traditional, and designed with inspiration from the modern farmhouse style.

The home’s interiors are a veritable tour-de-force of high-end material flash, with bookmatched natural stone a-plenty, matte-finished hardwood—with some herringbone popping up in the master—and a well-defined indoor/outdoor living style courtesy of the intimate courtyard that is the focus of the outdoor living area, and fold-away glass-partition walls that open the home to it.

Amenities inside the home include a gym, a home theater, and a lounge and reading room with built-in shelves and a wet bar. Outside, a raised fire lounge, a zero-edge pool, and a herringbone-pattern tile patio with water features top the list.

Rihanna has donated over $8 million to coronavirus relief efforts, among other charitable giving. According to Forbes, her net worth is around $600 million.

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