Mercedes-AMG SL-Class Going Back to 2+2 Configuration

Mercedes-AMG SL-Class Going Back to 2+2 Configuration

Published: July 24, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Delving a bit deeper into its revised AMG SL-Class roadster this summer, Mercedes-Benz revealed a series of updated concept images and a press release that fleshes out the philosophy of what is developing into a very fetching 2022 model year ride. The model had retired its most recent iteration with the 2020 SL Grand Edition.

The next generation of the long-running SL-Class will feature a design sensibility that links the history of the model with contemporary tech; promotional photos actually A-B SL-Class cabins then and now as Merc marketing finds the analog in the 2022 iteration. It’s a hard sell, but the steering wheel, and the turbine-shaped air vents that flank the touchscreen like cowlings keep the faith.

The new SL-Class ragtop’s cabin is atmospheric, plush and welcoming for city jaunts and weekend touring. Mercedes returned to the two-in-front, two-in-rear seating configuration, encouraging sunny day social trips. Mercedes hasn’t finalized engine options or a base price yet. Expect more information later this year.

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