Alec Monopoly Whimsy Pops Up in $600K Jacob & Co. Timepiece

Alec Monopoly Whimsy Pops Up in $600K Jacob & Co. Timepiece

Published: July 17, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Jacob & Co. introduced a new watch that’s homage to a classic board game and a contemporary street artist. The timepiece takes its inspiration from inspiration: the work of Alec Monopoly. Jacob & Co. calls it Astronomia Alec Monopoly.

A look at the watch face does suggest the universe of the artist, with the familiar mustachioed, top-hatted Mr. Monopoly together with other characters and symbols used by Alec Monopoly. The mechanics of the watch begin with the watchmaker’s differential gears system, and includes a hand-lacquered magnesium globe and a tourbillon that rotate at regular intervals.

The hand-sculpted, hand-finished gold-cast characters begin as CAD renderings. Alec Monopoly handles the intricate painting.

The colorful, super-stylized, $600,000 watch will be produced as a limited-edition run of nine examples.

Alec Monopoly’s work previously popped up in a luxuriant Malibu home, and on a Bugatti Chiron.

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