Ultimate Rover: The Travel-Sized RV

Ultimate Rover: The Travel-Sized RV

Published: July 15, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

A new addition to the Ultimate Toys “Best in Class” lineup of luxury Mercedes Sprinter conversion vans recently arrived, and it’s a dream vehicle for the digital nomad and weekend escape artist. The model is called the Ultimate Rover.

The design of the Ultimate Rover makes it a natural for the successful remote worker or gigging couple with a yen for new horizons. This model is outfitted as a luxury traveler that’s small enough to confidently drive in urban areas — think heavy traffic — and just as easy to park, and its amenities include a navigation system that makes finding your way in unfamiliar areas a snap.

The Ultimate Toys design team packed a full suite of utilitarian support features into the Ultimate Rover. The company’s thoughtful accommodations handle all necessities for long highway excursions, including a pair of custom sofas that convert into a sleeper, a microwave and an induction burner. The Ultimate Toys travel style calls for a full bathroom as a default in the layout of most of their models, and the Ultimate Rover packs a bathroom and storage area into the rear of the van—the space incorporates a shower into the space, covering two necessities in an elegantly simple design.

Other features of the Ultimate Rover include a pair of captain’s chairs that swivel for both front and back orientation — ideal for conversation with fellow passengers or television-watching — a large flat-screen television, and the custom woodwork and other hand-crafted details that have rapidly propelled Ultimate Toys to a top position as a purveyor of go-to executive and personal travel solutions. Last month, the company delivered its 1,000th Sprinter van, an impressive performance in only four years of operation, and one that indicates the esteemed reputation it has earned since its founding late in the last decade.

The Ultimate Rover’s versatility follows other turnkey, glamper-ready models in the Ultimate Toys lineup. The company’s models include the Ultimate Traveler and the Ultimate RV. The Ultimate Traveler is an ideal choice for small companies requiring a Sprinter that can act as both client conveyance and promotional vehicle, and features the widest bathroom in the industry: 44 inches.

The Ultimate RV uses a long-wheelbase Sprinter, and can comfortably seat 10 people…or allow abundant room for a couple or small family on a summer adventure. It combines the kitchen and bathroom into one large space in the back of the van, with a shower and two sinks in its layout.

The exclusive Ultimate Rover can be had for only $114,995, which reflects a substantial discount over the MSRP of $159,995.

To learn more, visit www.UltimateToys.com online, email [email protected], or call 513-586-3792.

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