Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire Brand Launches $22K ‘One’ Bike

Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire Brand Launches $22K ‘One’ Bike

Published: July 15, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

It’s been seven years since Harley-Davidson revealed its electric motorcycle. Part of an aggressive campaign toward electrification, the spearhead model, the LiveWire, was unveiled ahead of a brand spinoff of the same name. Harley did the same thing with e-bikes, with an initial model called the Serial 1 from a brand spinoff called Serial 1 Cycles.

But the motorcycle, of course, got top billing, and the LiveWire concept appeared in June of 2014. The inaugural model year of the bike, the 2020 LiveWire, arrived in Harley dealerships about five years later.

This month, the company rolled out a refresh of the LiveWire. Aligning this first model under the umbrella with sister company Serial 1, the LiveWire is now called the One. The LiveWire One’s range remains stable at 146 miles on a full charge; a fast charge can restore 80% of capacity in 45 minutes. The bike’s look has changed, though, and it comes with different graphics in certain paint schemes.

The real story, however, is the price. Harley-Davidson has base priced the 2022 LiveWire at $21,999, giving E-cycle fence sitters a major incentive to take the plunge. Harley just suggests you test drive one, and feel its launch thrust for yourself. If you’re planning a trip to the International Motorcycle Show, you can check one out then.

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