Balenciaga’s Latest Collection Inspired by Vintage NASA Aesthetic

Balenciaga’s Latest Collection Inspired by Vintage NASA Aesthetic

Published: July 3, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Fashion house Balenciaga’s latest turn of iconoclastic amalgamation brings together medieval and cyberpunk elements under NASA aegis. The result is an oddly nostalgic survey of eras in the guise of streetwear, its theatrical setting the year 2031, targeted for fall of this year.

If the fashion world is coopting NASA iconography for purposes of whimsical relevance, it does raise questions about the future relevance of the agency as a governmental avant-garde. Apart from the apparent suggestions of the ironical implicit in high-fashion hijacking, the line is very entertaining, and sporting a NASA-emblazoned moon-landing backpack just might be the hippest bit of kit to appear this year.

Other items include NASA-badged socks, shirts, baseball caps, future-now shades, key rings, scarves and puffy space-race parkas. But the most remarkable components to the outfits must be the foot- and leg-wear items, glimmering metallic touches that bring the middle ages into the picture but are hopefully more comfortable than a suit of armor. Daring.

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