Ferrari 296 GTB: Hybrid V6, 819 Horses

Ferrari 296 GTB: Hybrid V6, 819 Horses

Published: June 29, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

In announcing the 296 GTB, Ferrari is also announcing a fundamental powertrain shift toward the ecologically responsible manufacturing that will certainly come to define the company’s production efforts as the decade unfolds. The results are genuinely exciting.

The Gran Turismo Berlinetta’s V6 turbo engine is paired with a 122 kW plug-in electric motor for a horsepower rating of 819, making it more powerful than the F8 Tributo and Roma models. An eight-speed DCT gearbox that is taken out of the picture when in electric-only mode. The car’s dry weight is 3,241 lbs, giving it a very favorable — Ferrari has it as ‘class-leading’ — weight-to-power ratio.

The exterior design language is exceedingly pretty, with contemporary lines hiding the subtext of Ferrari’s history. This is the new persona of the exotic sports, and it arouses curiosity in the driver who is unafraid of progression.

The 296 GTB’s efficiency profile is boosted by a brake-by-wire unit, which connects hydraulic and electric systems in any operation mode; Ferrari’s new ‘ABS evo’ takes further advantage of the unit to make the brake pedal more sensitive, which is to say responsive. The electric-only range of this hybrid sports is 15.5 miles, but that’s at the sustained top speed of the eDrive (non-ICE) mode: 84 mph. The Hybrid drive mode is the default, with Performance and Qualify modes options for more aggressive jaunts; the 296 GTB can reach 62 mph in 2.9 seconds on its way to a top speed of 205 mph.

The 296 GTB’s interior features a digital interface that picks up where the SF90 Stradale left off, and its instrument panel and infotainment screens are integrated seamlessly into the dash. The head-up display is similarly ‘designed into’ the cockpit’s leather trim.

An Asseto Fiorano variant features aerodynamic and suspension enhancements, as well as a modest weight reduction. An optional special livery helps it stand out further.

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