Ferrari Introduces Fashion Collection for Men and Women

Ferrari Introduces Fashion Collection for Men and Women

Published: June 26, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

The latest news from Ferrari falls squarely into the brand lifestyle category, fashion sub-category. What does the Ferrari lifestyle look like? According to designer Rocco Iannone, it combines high fashion with competitive racing utility into sport chic.

The designs for men and women feature common denominators that drive home the brand tenor of the automotive heavyweight; the frequent use of heavy gloves as an accessory neatly makes the point, but the jackets are often unstructured to emphasize a ‘track utilitarian’ dimension, and many of the clothes are genderless. The fashion line also frequently employs bright Ferrari colors, including the iconic shade of red that is closely associated with the automaker, to more powerfully link the line’s youthful sensibilities with the venerable brand’s mythology.

The show was conducted at Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello — on the production floor, as it happens, with the assembly line repurposed as a runway. To accompany the fashion line, the company also announced a revised flagship retail store.

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