Lamborghini Shakes Off Pandemic Blues With Road Trip Across Japan

Lamborghini Shakes Off Pandemic Blues With Road Trip Across Japan

Published: June 5, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Touring Japan in a Lamborghini sounds like a well-earned catch-up indulgence to shake off recent travel restrictions. This spring, the raging bull put the Urus in a new light in the Land of the Rising Sun by giving it a grand tour to show off its chops, while joining in the sense of post-COVID liberation that is currently burgeoning globally.

Truth be told, two Urus… — Uruses? Uri? — took on the trip as part of a Lambo promo called ‘Unlock Any Road Japan’; the title gives a geographical destination to an Urus journey that began last spring when Lamborghini navigated the flashy SUV into the automotive news with the ‘Unlock Any Road’ marketing campaign. ‘Unlock Any Road’ approached the Urus as a terrain-blind performer and, to quote Lamborghini, ‘…the quintessential representation of freedom…’ that will ‘…unlock your personality.’

Unblocking a view of a Japanese driving tour is a somewhat more compelling context by virtue of its definition and, for most Westerners, novelty and cultural unfamiliarity. The yellow pearl and starry-night blue vehicles took in views and locations famous and not, driving generally northward along the East Coast of the island country and southward along the west.

The resulting photo tour tracks the travel-log of the duo.

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