V12-Powered S 680 Is the Last Word in Mercedes-Maybach Luxury

V12-Powered S 680 Is the Last Word in Mercedes-Maybach Luxury

Published: May 27, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

In the past couple of years, the Mercedes-Maybach sedan lineup has been trimmed down to one model. The S 560, the brand’s ‘entry-level’ model, and the S 650, which represented the other end of the spectrum, were both discontinued in favor of the one-size-fits-all S 580, a V8-powered touring car that need make no apologies for its singular presence in the catalog.

Which did leave the marque without a flagship. Did the company have plans for one all along as it swept the S 650 into the back pages? Possibly, but it’s equally likely that a demand had been created and the supply had unwisely been withdrawn, especially in the context of the Chinese marketplace, where most Maybachs are sold. After all, the S 650 was originally badged as the S 680 when it appeared in China about four years ago.

In any case, the decadent allure of a V12-powered, ultra-luxury, last-word touring car could be incredibly appealing at our moment in history. As electric vehicles become the norm, such a car could become even more potently a symbol of power and position, especially with it boasting what may be a last-of-breed V12.

In a way, the new sedan indicates a right-about-face from the decision to axe the S 650. It’s really just an S 580 with some extra trimming and a whale of an ICE that can survive a Freudian ‘biggest trophy’ contest conducted side-by-side with certain legendary British offerings.

The S 580’s 4.0L V8 produces 496 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque, and comes with a 48-volt mild hybrid system. It’s 215 inches long, enabling it to play the part of an exec ride that’s easier to negotiate in urban traffic than a limo. The new S 680’s 6.0L V12 produces 621 HP and 738 lb-ft of torque, but the model drops the hybrid pretention. Like the S 580, however, it does come standard with 4MATIC, and its size translates to the same cockpit size. A sprint to 60 takes place in only 4.4 seconds, and rear-axle steering and Dynamic Select ride adjustment are available.

The car’s exterior identification is, under the circumstances, very conspicuous. ‘V12’ is favored up front, and a big ‘S 680’ badge is displayed on the rear. ’Nuff said.

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