Audi A6’s EV Alter Ego Previewed in A6 E-Tron Concept

Audi A6’s EV Alter Ego Previewed in A6 E-Tron Concept

Published: May 13, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, Audi unveiled what may become an alternative fuel powertrain benchmark for the next few years: the A6 e-tron. Shown in concept form at the big exhibition in China, the car looks like it may well be a best seller when it reaches dealerships; it will likely arrive in 2023.

The concept gives additional exposure to the new EV platform which was developed just for luxury cars by Audi and Porsche, and unveiled a year ago. The companies call it PPE — ‘Premium Platform Electric’ — and Audi declares that SUVs and performance sedans will both ride on it in the near future, and also that it will facilitate greater diversity of body style for Audi’s next-gen EV lineup than would be possible using only the VW Group’s MBE platform. Porsche is also using the platform; the 2022 Macan EV will be built around it.

Audi forecasts a range for the model of up to 434 miles at this point, and a spirited 0-60 time of less than four seconds for the fastest iteration. Some 800-volt charging tech is expected to yield about 186 miles of range in exchange for 10 minutes of thumb-twiddling or phone-surfing; not bad, and close to that magic span of time that would bring EV and ICE powertrain refueling toe to toe.

Audi delves into great detail regarding the philosophy of design and aerodynamics for the concept, and even details the car’s lighting tech: Digital Matrix LED and digital OLED headlamps for brightness and customizable light signatures, and a trio of three high-resolution LED projectors for atmospherics when climbing in or out of the car.

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