Billy Bob Thornton Pays $3.1M for L.A. County Spread

Billy Bob Thornton Pays $3.1M for L.A. County Spread

Published: May 1, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

This Agoura Hills house has a new owner: Billy Bob Thornton. The actor and musician—whose upcoming projects include The Gray Man, with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans—was apparently entranced enough with the home’s 2,156 sq. ft. recording studio to shell out just over $3.1 million for the property.

The lodge-inspired five-bedroom is rustic and relaxed; a fieldstone exterior with raw timber, a shingled roof, and a wraparound second-floor balcony and terrace represent a sketch of the exterior.

Inside the home, the 3,099 square-footer show off an unassuming, western-tinged atmosphere, with grooved plank floors, exposed timbers, and a fair amount of glass. Coming off best are the master bedroom—which boasts an in-wall wood-burning stove with a hearth seat, a bay window, and French doors opening to the balcony—and the recording studio.

The latter is more of a complex. It’s an earthy, whisky-stained refuge that looks like a better Appalachian lounge, and has a stone-walled secondary kitchen that’s a beaut. The music area itself is divided into performance area and control room. Was the Hammond B3 included in the sale? Ask Billy.

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