Bette Midler Completes Sale of Manhattan Triplex Penthouse for $50M

Bette Midler Completes Sale of Manhattan Triplex Penthouse for $50M

Published: April 29, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Fifty mil is a fair whack for even a Midtown Manhattan penthouse, but back in September of 2019 Bette Midler and husband Martin von Haselberg set that ponderous figure as the ask for their unit in a prominent residential building on Carnegie Hill. Well, it is a triplex penthouse. And an extraordinary example of a world-class urban property.

At no time in the property’s nearly 2.5 years on and off the market did the ask get snipped. But did the duo get their wish, a sum smack dab in the middle of the eight-figure spectrum? That seems to be the case. The property closed in the middle of this month, and it appears that the sale closed at the full ask of $50 million.

A three-level crown of an Emery Roth-designed Fifth Avenue building, the residence’s highlights include the library. The entire third floor is devoted to it, and it sports 13-foot ceilings, a wood-burning fireplace and, of course, floor-to-ceiling shelves with ladder access.

This primary indoor amenity gives way to an outdoor amenity: a landscaped rooftop garden, which measures 900 sq. ft. and to which can be added an additional 3,000 sq. ft. of terrace space when the exterior living area is tallied.

Other details of and spaces in this unusually fine property: a corner master with a study warmed by a wood-burning fireplace, a solarium lounge, a charming kitchen, varied and colorful wall coverings, and a sculptural staircase.

Midler lends her voice to computer-animated film The Addams Family 2, which is expected to be released later this year. In addition, her upcoming projects include Hocus Pocus 2, also starring Sarah Jessica Parker.

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