Genesis Gauging Interest in ‘X’ Concept Luxury Coupe

Genesis Gauging Interest in ‘X’ Concept Luxury Coupe

Published: April 17, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Genesis tested the waters of possible consumer adoption this spring when they revealed this new model. The Korean automaker calls the concept the X, and they brought it to light in the Los Angeles limelight this week.

Concept X’s exterior design boasts a winning combination—fastback with a European nose—and the atmospherics that say ‘2020s’ in no uncertain terms. The response was favorable enough for the CEO of Genesis to drop a personal note to any interested party regarding their willingness to commit $1K to buying an example of the quicksilver two-door car.

The Genesis X is an ‘electric car’, according to Genesis’ press release. It’s a full EV, but one look at the car could’ve told you that, right? The PR positions the X as a representation of a ‘sustainable future’.

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