Tom Green Makes Quick Work of $2.3M Hollywood Hills Perch

Tom Green Makes Quick Work of $2.3M Hollywood Hills Perch

Published: April 10, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Actor Tom Green is selling his secluded Hollywood Hills home for $2.3 million. The two-bedroom, two-bath, buttress-supported house appeared on the open market just a few days ago; it features a courtyard pool area, and a balcony and glass-walled open-concept living area overlooking dramatic city views.

The 1952-built single-level home’s interiors measure in at 2,195 sq. ft. It boasts a shed ceiling which, together with the blazing white paint, lend the shared living space a clean, midcentury look. A corner fireplace with a raised hearth, a bank of diamond-shaped built-in shelves, and skylights also distinguish the common area. The home boasts a galley kitchen—always a cozy touch, and in this case enhanced with honey-toned cabinetry with frosted glass panels.

The outside living area’s a gem, and accessible from large sliding glass doors in the master and many of the living spaces. It’s designed around a deck with a covered fire pit, and a slate-floored semi-courtyard with an angular pool that’s nicely defined, in part, by a retaining wall. A recreation room in the home is essentially a guest suite, with a second kitchen and a shower in its layout.

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