2021 Mercedes-Maybach S 580 Arriving Soon; Price Starts at $185K

2021 Mercedes-Maybach S 580 Arriving Soon; Price Starts at $185K

Published: March 16, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Feeling indulgent? The 2021 Mercedes-Maybach S 580 may tickle your dreams. The two-tone paint scheme, the distinctive grille, and the plush interior are back for a second look late this winter after Merc revealed the model last November. Screens are commonplace, the upholstery hails from the company’s Designo division, and special, Maybach-only ambient lighting colors are all elements of the full-size luxury car.

Now the sole sedan in the Maybach lineup, the model is both trophy and, in a way, token; the S560 and S650 are no more, and Mercedes is consolidating luxury sedan offerings as the SUV continues to appeal broadly to that stratum of buyer…and most others. The V12 has been dropped, but the 4L 8-cylinder delivers 496 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. This top-tier S-Class is a full 7 inches longer, making it ideal as a chauffeured exec ride. And it rides on a set of custom flush wheels.

As expected, the S 580’s price slots nearly equidistant from the retired models at $184,900; the 2020 base sticker pricing for the S560 and S650 stood at $170K and $203K, respectively. Mercedes has packed as many cushy features into the sedan as possible, including a host of driver assistance features and a 30-speaker sound system from Burmester.

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