Jimmy Fallon Asking $15M for Wonderfully Eclectic Manhattan Penthouse

Published: March 11, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

A genuinely interesting combination unit in Downtown Manhattan appeared on the open market recently. The property is currently owned by late night talk show czar Jimmy Fallon, who has priced it at $15 million.

The unit is a whopping great narrative, but the Gramercy Park building itself has its own stories to tell. It dates to 1883, and its red brick exterior is embellished with Romanesque architectural details, amongst others. The divided tower-like design features a main entrance decorated with columns, a carved frieze, and a couple of Gothic arches on second-floor windows. Fallon’s unit began as a penthouse, before gobbling up three other units to form a triplex.

The listing images highlight some of the unit’s more photogenic rooms, and the highlights go some distance toward satisfying visual inquisitiveness. By turns colorful and rustic, the residence is something of a tour-de-force, freely blending styles, influences, cultural riffs and eras.

A Shaker worktable serves as a kitchen island, one room has been converted into a Scottish pub—with tartan wall covering, no less—and the living room sports 1940s wallpaper and uses glossy decorative plank as an abstract wall embellishment. The master bath has an iconic niche spa. And there’s enough color, pattern, and/or general variety in other spaces to waylay kids for days, excluding the secret playroom with original fireplace. Cool!

The penthouse’s living areas measure nearly 5,000 square feet, with six bedrooms, five baths, and eleven rooms all told.

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