BMW X7 Gains Ballistic Protection Compliments of Inkas

BMW X7 Gains Ballistic Protection Compliments of Inkas

Published: March 6, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Canadian automotive armoring and security specialist Inkas spent a couple of decades producing custom vehicles for law enforcement agencies, and in 2018 hopped onto the consumer-grade armored car bandwagon with the Sentry Civilian, a bona-fide tank with B6-level protection.

The Sentry Civilian uses a Ford F-550 as a foundation. Inkas branched out a year later by using a Mercedes-AMG G63 as a source for an armored limo build, also sporting B6-level protection. The company opened 2021 by adding a BMW to the lineup—an X7.

Like the other consumer entries from Inkas, the modified X7 features B6 armoring. It can withstand a double hand grenade blast as well as sustained AK-47 fire. The list of Inkas options is extensive, and includes smokescreen, night vision and air filtration.

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