Harley-Davidson Embarks on a New Adventure With Pan America 1250

Harley-Davidson Embarks on a New Adventure With Pan America 1250

Published: February 27, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

We’ve covered several bikes as of late. Electric and ICE drivetrain, motorcycle and bicycle, the two-wheelers are appearing in advance of a very important spring and summer. If COVID is well under control by the time the next solstice is underway, an explosion of touring activity is definitely in the cards.

Harley-Davidson’s newest bike, revealed just this week, is the latest in what is becoming a trend: the all-terrain-ready touring bike. The company calls it the Pan America 1250.

Harley previewed the bike in 2018 and introduced it at the 2019 EICMA, calling particular attention to the newly designed engine: a liquid-cooled V-twin the company calls the Revolution Max that does double duty as power plant and structural fundamental. In the Pan America 1250, the V-twin’s a big’un, displacing 1250cc and pushing 145 horsepower.

The Pan America 1250 is designed to be adventure-ready, and to that end absolutely versatile. The model is equally at home on highway and off-road trail, and it packs enough onboard space for jaunts that last a weekend or longer.

Pricing starts at $17K.

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