California Meadow House in California by Olson Kundig

California Meadow House in California by Olson Kundig

Published: February 11, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

California Meadow House, Woodside, California. Olson Kundig.

“Envisioned as a singular continuous, flowing expression, this family estate links architecture, interior design, art and landscape into an integrated whole. Unified around the central “home base” living area, views radiate across several reflecting pools to gardens and the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains. The residence includes three auxiliary buildings and extensive outdoor living areas, but the subdued sophistication of the design helps dissolve the home into its verdant site.

Spaces between the home’s various structures engage the landscape, which is organized into two interconnected parts. The cultivated portion of the site, with vineyards and olive tree groves, contains the “public” areas of the house, including living, dining and entertainment areas. The other side of the site, delineated by an infinity pool and gentle slope, opens into uncultivated meadow space. An earthy exterior palette inspired by the California woodland setting continues inside the home, which features a collection of custom furniture and lighting designed by Jim Olson. The result is a home integrated with nature, not only philosophically and visually, but from a practical perspective as well.”

Photo credit: Matthew Millman

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