Hunter Biden Upgrades to Three-Story Architectural in Venice

Hunter Biden Upgrades to Three-Story Architectural in Venice

Published: February 6, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Hunter Biden, son of the new Pres—White House, not tenor sax—has taken up residence in this character-rich, 1987-built waterfront home in Venice, California. Biden is renting the property for an estimated $25,000/month, according to the Daily Mail. He previously resided in a modern-style home in Hollywood Hills.

The late-1980s beauty is modern in spirit, but reaches back to the earlier period of the style, and incorporates a little Streamline into its exterior architecture. There are three levels, and the back of the home features a series of balconies that bring a welcome eccentricity to the modern lines and industrial riffs.

In its current form, its interiors show off the sensibilities of designer Juniper Tedhams, an earthy urbanity which, in this case, is inspired by modern and Scandinavian styles. There’s a touch of decadence at work as well. The living areas measure in at about 3,700 sq. ft.; highlights of the interiors include limestone floors and a living room with a 25-foot ceiling.

The accommodations layout features a pair of suites. Each has its consolations; one would appear to get top billing over the other by virtue of a step-up sleeping platform—or a step-down sitting area—but the other features a private balcony and a spiral staircase that ascends to the rooftop deck, and a soaking tub illuminated by the big porthole window that adorns one side of the home.

Views from the balconies and roof take in the breadth of Venice’s singular landscape, with the beach, canals, and local landmarks in clear sight.

Biden’s memoir, titled Beautiful Things, is expected to be released in April.

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