Narke Introduces $47K GT95 Electric Jet Ski

Narke Introduces $47K GT95 Electric Jet Ski

Published: February 4, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Green vacationers who prefer water sports will likely appreciate what Narke has in mind for post-COVID return to warm weather normalcy. Summer of 2021 could mean getting wet on an EV jet ski.

The GT95 from Narke picks up where the company’s earlier model, the GT45, left off. As a means of moving toward the post fossil-fuels future that is so necessary, it is an important symbol that combines recreational down-time appeal with progressive tech.

The GT95 features a potent electric motor—one that produces 95 horsepower. The carbon fiber in the build helps keep the jet-ski light and maneuverable, and capable of a 31-mile range. And the model can be charged up in 1.5 hours. Onboard instruments inform regarding remaining charge and mileage elapsed, and other vital info.

The GT95 from Narke is priced at $47K.

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