Ares Design Unveils Tesla Model S Convertible

Ares Design Unveils Tesla Model S Convertible

Published: January 28, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Italian coachbuilder Ares Design is the alterations expert behind this bespoke conversion. The one-off was commissioned for a client crazy about Tesla’s sport sedan, but desiring a drop-top. Ares obliged by undertaking a complete change of body style, and came up with a Model S that looks very much like it emerged from the factory as a convertible.

In the five years since it was founded, Ares has carved out a niche in the exotics category: creating new models using preexisting production cars as foundations. The company’s newest, and most ambitious model yet, is the S1. Each S1 begins life as a Corvette, but under Ares’ aegis is transformed into something utterly new.

The Model S optional drop-top project was therefore firmly aligned with the coachbuilder’s chops. Ares began by lopping off the rear doors, and stiffening the body to compensate structurally for the loss of the roof and pillars. Carbon fiber aero components were added along with a canvas top; new rear seats in keeping with the body style and white leather with orange trim complete the conversion.

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