Louis Vuitton Reveals Cityscape-Inspired Puffer Jackets

Louis Vuitton Reveals Cityscape-Inspired Puffer Jackets

Published: January 26, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Louis Vuitton’s new outerwear collection turns the sartorial into the architectural, and perhaps raises questions about the similarities between architecture and wardrobe as statements of exteriority.

But, it’s not so much you-as-building as it is you-as—Parisian-landscape-pastiche. Wearing such a rag will turn you into, in fact, the version of the Parisian cityscape you most esteem.

The clothing which best suits the purpose is a puffer jacket. And models in Vuitton’s photo shoot wear the compressed puffer jacket highlights of the City of Light. The fashion house calls the jacket the Paris Skyline Puffer Jacket.

For champions of the Big Apple, Vuitton has developed a puffer jacket for them, too.


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