Singer Turns Porsche 911 Into Off-Roader at Customer’s Request

Singer Turns Porsche 911 Into Off-Roader at Customer’s Request

Published: January 23, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Porsche restoration and modification specialist Singer is behind this remarkable rally-ready car, which comes with a title that sounds something like what could transpire should Norton Critical take on an authoritative, scholarly tome of automotive theory: The All-Terrain Competition Study. The project is the fruit of a partnership between Singer and Richard Tuthill, a British Porsche restoration expert who has had a long career designing rally race-winning cars.

The inspiration for the modified 911s—there were actually two commissioned by the same client—is founded in the 911 SC/RS and 959 variants, and designed for variable-terrain racing. One of the finished cars is painted in Singer’s apparently proprietary Parallax White, and the other in classic Corsica Red.

Rally-specific alterations to the cars include quick-changeout carbon fiber body panels, AWD all the time, a sequential racing gearbox with limited-slip differentials in front, middle and rear, and a 3.6L air-cooled flat 6 biturbo petrol-burner.

Singer is offering similar conversion services to owners who wish to take the plunge into Rally competition, or collectors who are fans of World Rally Championship racing.

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