Ashley Tisdale Offering L.A. Charmer for $5.8M

Ashley Tisdale Offering L.A. Charmer for $5.8M

Published: January 21, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Singer and actress Ashley Tisdale’s beguiling Los Feliz Spanish-style recently hit the open market. Tisdale has listed the home at $5.795 million, and if you’re house-hunting in the Los Angeles area and have an affinity for early-ish eclectics, you should take a look.

The 1923-built charmer is preceded by a staggered perimeter wall in white stucco; a couple of sets of tile steps bring the front door into reach—the entry is capped with a Regency-inspired portico. Ornamental windows break up the sheer façade nicely, and bring additional complexity to the first impression.

Inside the 4,214 square-footer, renovations have brought quite a bit of depth to the design style. Pattern wall covering, a spectrum of light fixtures, and some surprising coloration accumulate into a slick, crypto-boho design sensibility, with plank hardwood and the softness of a period Spanish-style’s curves and stucco for a foundation. The kitchen veers entirely into urbane farmhouse style, with loads of subway tile and a plank hardwood ceiling, and a colorful modern chandelier as the icing on the cake.

This home’s outdoor living areas are unusually fine. They include a terrace off the master suite’s living area, a second-floor deck, an upper courtyard, and a fairly expansive step-down pool and sun lounge. A guest house fills out the property into a small estate.

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