View Ridge Residence in Seattle by Heliotrope Architects

View Ridge Residence in Seattle by Heliotrope Architects

Published: January 14, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

View Ridge Residence, Seattle, Washington. Heliotrope Architects.

“The primary design directive for this home was to capture abundant lake and mountain views afforded by the site while taking into consideration possible future development with the potential to impede the view.

The design solution places living spaces on the top floor, ensuring the view in perpetuity, and incorporates an elevator shaft allowing for aging in place. Formally, the three levels are shifted rather than stacked neatly on top of one another. This strategy reduces the apparent scale of the home, provides a dramatic covered entry experience, and creates a roof terrace off of the living/dining spaces.

Garage and support spaces are placed below-grade, with the second-floor entry flush with a grade at the high portion of the site. The 15ft elevation change from sidewalk to the front door is mitigated by generous stairs, broken up by a garden space and gateway signifying a transition from public to private realms. Significant existing trees and shrubs were leveraged in the design, creating a rich entry experience and a strong connection to nature from both the entry and upper floor.

The home’s strong street presence and bold modernity respond to a neighborhood context rich with excellent examples of mid-century modern architecture.”

Photo credit: Haris Kenjar

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