Bugatti Serves Up Pair of Royale Speakers

Bugatti Serves Up Pair of Royale Speakers

Published: January 5, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

Bugatti marks its arrival to the automotive brand-as-lifestyle party, and it’s brought an impressive inaugural product to show off. The exotic automaker’s first item for home entertainment is a set of audiophile-grade floorstanding speakers called the Royale.

The Royale speakers neatly merge flashy Bugatti design chops and pragmatic, albeit high-dollar, usefulness; they stand perfectly well—as it were—on their own mettle, but they are designed to visually connect with four-wheeled Bugattis. Helping to bring them from concept to soundroom was Tidal Audio, a German high-end audio brand.

The Royales are partially active, with onboard amplifiers. Their driver complement includes subwoofers, and they are set up with a music controller. D/A file conversion and streaming are all handled by the elegantly efficient design.

Two variants of the Royale are available—the Monocoque and Duotone—with both sporting two-tone high-gloss cosmetics. Special-edition launch versions are also available, with a total of 30 sets produced.

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