Alpha Motor Company Introduces Endearingly Retro-Styled Ace EV

Alpha Motor Company Introduces Endearingly Retro-Styled Ace EV

Published: January 5, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

It’s been some time since we looked at the concept or prototype of a new electric vehicle startup, so seeing the initial vehicle of California-based EV specialist Alpha Motor Company is glad tidings indeed. The company calls its inaugural effort the Ace, and they’ve designed it to hit that desired sweet spot in the buyer’s subconscious where forward-thinking technology is tempered with a touch of wistful nostalgia.

The car’s exterior is especially fetching in profile, where it strikes a curvaceous chord that’s as youthful in spirit as the reborn VW Bug of the late 1990s, but less kitschy. The car’s flared fenders, meanwhile, hint at sportiness without undue seriousness, and its front end blends sci-fi cool with the utilitarian chic of a Trabant spotted in Brooklyn after the Wall came down.

But the nifty look hides a pragmatic soul, and the Ace boasts 14 cubic feet of storage, and the 250-mile range necessary to nip ‘range anxiety’ in the bud for tire-kickers. It’s also got a little spunk, and can hit 60 MPH in six seconds; it’s fairly quick at lower speeds, a characteristic which, along with the car’s easy-to-park 165-inch length, makes it a terrific urban solution.

Alpha is projecting first deliveries in 2023. They have additional models on the way, which we’ll cover as they appear.

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