Bugatti and Jacob & Co. Deliver Limited Run of the Dazzling Chiron Tourbillon

Bugatti and Jacob & Co. Deliver Limited Run of the Dazzling Chiron Tourbillon

Published: January 2, 2021 | By: American Luxury Staff

This year, we had a gander at a pair of watches from Jacob & Co. that incorporated tourbillon complications that are playful riffs on one of the most fascinating feats of automotive engineering to appear in this century: the Bugatti W16 engine.

One of these watches was La Montre Noire, which was inspired by Bugatti’s superlative one-off creation La Voiture Noire; the car had been commissioned by an enthusiast and was delivered in 2019. The timepiece featured a ‘twin turbo’ double-cage tourbillon complication that echoed the W16, as well as a case of black gold, black sapphires for decoration, and a strap with a closure made from black gold and titanium.

The other was a glitzy piece called the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon. The fundamental commonality between the two models is the W16 engine, and in this case the flashy ornament isn’t a twin-cage design, it’s the three-dimensional homage to the W16 which roars to life for 20 seconds when the correct button is pressed.

The 126-example production run caused a small fervor among Bugatti’s following, so Jacob & Co. has released a new quartet of variations on the Chiron Tourbillon theme. Each features a distinct execution, with rose gold, black titanium, white diamonds, and a rubbers strap. Production is also limited, however, so inquire early if one of the timepieces below strikes fancy.

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