Dassault Introduces Ultrawide-Body Falcon 6X Jet

Dassault Introduces Ultrawide-Body Falcon 6X Jet

Published: December 26, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

The Dassault Falcon 6X business plane is on track for 2022 delivery. Details continue to emerge about the jet, which boasts a cabin that is the tallest and widest in the industry.

Dassault’s website claims the 6X is an ultra widebody, the first model in a new category of the business jet class; the cabin’s maximum width measures 102 inches, and its headroom comes in at 78 inches. The cabin’s design is elegantly simple and refined, and very bright—its 30 side windows and skylight give the interiors an open feel. Ambient lighting allows travelers to adjust to different time zones, alleviating jet lag.

As interesting as the plane’s cabin size are its technological features and its range. The 6X features Dassault’s proprietary DFSC—Digital Flight Control System—which the company developed and builds in-house; the pilot-assisting system features built-in protections that provide the jet with unparalleled performance bandwidth and a smoother ride. The 6X can travel over 6,300 miles—5,500 nm—on a full tank.

And, like the other models in the Falcon range, the 6X can utilize runways of under 3,000 feet with a partially full load of fuel, and it can land on unforgiving fields that demand a steep approach. It can also land with a nearly full tank, avoiding the necessity of a refuel during interim stops.

The Dassault 6X is scheduled for a first flight in the first weeks of the year.

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