Beechcraft Shows Off King Air 260 With Improved Tech and Cabin

Beechcraft Shows Off King Air 260 With Improved Tech and Cabin

Published: December 22, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

The newest member of the Beechcraft King Air family of turboprop planes is the 260. The aeronautics company proudly revealed the new model this month, citing the 9-passenger aircraft’s litany of improvements and new tech features.

The most interesting new avionics feature for the pilot-owner is the THRUSTSENSE Autothrottle, a pilot assistance system designed to make the job of flying easier from takeoff to landing; it offers engine stress protection and alerts as well. Other pilot-oriented treats on the 260 include digital pressurization, Synthetic Vision, and the avionics suite Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion. Sirius XM Weather may be optioned, but multi-scan weather radar (WXR) comes standard.

The Air King 260’s fuselage is designed for maximum passenger space, with ample headroom, club seating, and electric window shades. The passenger compartment is loaded with six leather-upholstered guest seats; each can swivel and recline. Five cosmetics schemes for the 260’s cabin are offered.

Additionally, the King Air 260 can be customized for special mission use cases.

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