Porsche Unseen: 906 Living Legend

Porsche Unseen: 906 Living Legend

Published: December 10, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

The latest pages from the Porsche Unseen book to appear on the company’s website include the 906 Living Legend, which was dreamed up in the mid-2000s and reached the 1:1 hard model phase about ten years later.

The 906 Living Legend was intended to be a ‘super sports car’; the road-legal vehicle features a mid-engine design and massive air vents for cooling. The car’s shape is undeniably fluid, with the front and back end establishing a particularly effective gradient. The 906 Living Legend’s design includes subtle, longitudinal strip brake lights.

Other visions from Porsche’s design team included in the Porsche Unseen book include the Vision Renndienst EV van; Living Legend entries in the book include the Le Mans Living Legend.

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