Ducati Reveals Highly Capable TK-01RR Enduro E-Bike

Ducati Reveals Highly Capable TK-01RR Enduro E-Bike

Published: December 1, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

It was just this summer that Ducati launched their first city-oriented electric bike. The Italian motorcycle firm’s inaugural E-Bike, the e-Scrambler, is an urban ride that looks like a relaxing summer day and will run a progressive-minded professional less than 4K EUR; it features Thok wheels and riser handlebars, fenders, and brake, operation and head lamps.

A few months later, a Ducati E-bike for the off-road set has arrived. The company calls the electric mountain bike the TK-01RR. The ‘e-enduro’ features a beefy, CNC-machined aluminum frame with components that include a Shimano 630Wh battery and Steps EP8 motor, 12 speeds, and Pirelli tires.

Other features of the bike include 4-piston brakes from Shimano and a 180mm Ohlins fork. It boasts a peak torque rating of 85Nm, with a servo assistance ratio of up to 400%. Shimano’s E-tube Project App is loaded into the bike, allowing rider- and terrain-based customizations.

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