Kanye West Gifts Chris Brown Tank-Like Sherp Truck

Kanye West Gifts Chris Brown Tank-Like Sherp Truck

Published: November 28, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

For musician Chris Brown, Christmas came a little early this year; fellow musician Kanye West gave him a SHERP all-terrain vehicle. The escape-ready vehicle is designed by a Ukrainian firm of the same name, and built in Canada. The gesture reportedly recognizes the hurdles Brown has overcome throughout his career. A handwritten note, apparently delivered along with the truck, read: “Congratulations to Chris Brown, 20 years in the game you have overcome many hurdles and obstacles, you deserve the recognition for all the hard work you have put in.”

When it comes to the SHERP, ATV is both misleading and entirely accurate as a categorization; while not what most folks imagine when they think of an ATV, the SHERP is a monstrous and utilitarian vehicle with 63” wheels, one that appears to be designed to overcome literally any obstacle it should come across. A SHERP base unit can traverse crevasses more than six feet in width. It is powered by a 2.4L Doosan-sourced diesel engine.

We took a look at SHERP’s post-apocalyptic bus last year at around this time. The exotic vehicle firm calls it The Ark, and it boasts amphibious capabilities among its specialty feature set. The Ark attaches a 21-seat enclosed camper or passenger trailer—other options include a platform or a tanker—to the SHERP, making it a wilderness-ready workhorse or escape-pod option.

The SHERP is priced from about $120K.


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