Italian Coachbuilder Aznom Shows Off Luxuriant Palladium Truck

Italian Coachbuilder Aznom Shows Off Luxuriant Palladium Truck

Published: November 10, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

For some pickup drivers, off the rack just won’t do. Coachbuilder Aznom’s royal blue bit of gentleman-cowboy flash—which is called the Palladium—might just be the ticket for the tire-kicker who routinely travels Savile Row. And, as the firm encourages buyers to order their one-of-ten bespoke, your truck might just be considered four-wheeled couture.

While not possessed of the household name-recognition commanded by Pininfarina or Zagato, relative newcomer Aznom’s designer chops extend to a broad slice of luxury goods marketplace offerings, with high-end leather goods among the items in the company’s catalog. Brands represented include heavyweights Pagani and McLaren.

There’s a RAM 1500 platform beneath the Palladium; the choice allowed Aznom to expand and develop broadly, while keeping the native 5.7 V8…in a tuned form, of course. The truck matches its rather brash sense of style and unusual limousine size with over 700 horsepower and pound-feet of torque at peak. The fastback flourish is unusual, and qualifies it for the title of world’s first longtail SUV.

European pickup drivers are the marketing target here. As any Mercedes suit can tell you, the X-Class pickup performed dismally in the United States, but fared far better in the Old Country. But the Aznom’s extroverted treatment lacks the relative subtlety of the X, and the price—undisclosed—likely places it in the collectible category.

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