Hummer Resurrected As 1,000-Horsepower EV

Hummer Resurrected As 1,000-Horsepower EV

Published: October 24, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

The monster of the roads lives again—but with a green soul. This week, GMC proudly rolled out the new generation of the Hummer. It’s an electric vehicle with an estimated 1,000 horsepower available, and a range of at least 350 miles.

For the radical revision of Hummer, GMC toned down the militant look considerably. The Hummer still looks imposing, but elements of contemporary larger pickup trucks has been employed for the rebirth, and the new Hummer tempers homage to the classic with more generic design influences.

The initial variant of the Hummer EV—Edition 1, which will be available a year from now, and followed by three regular-production variants that will begin appearing in the autumn of 2022—sports three permanent-magnet electric motors, with two allocated to the rear.

More interesting features of the Hummer EV include Crabwalk, which uses the truck’s 4-wheel steering for diagonal movement and could be very useful for the tighter corners of off-road travel. Another is the chassis camera system which scans the terrain for trouble. An Infinity Roof provides an astonishing feeling of openness inside the cabin, whether or not the Sky Panels have been removed and stowed in the trunk.

The interior design scheme of the Edition 1 is called Lunar Horizon and the GMC website patter locates inspiration for it in ‘Intergalactic travel and otherworldly landscapes’; is Elon getting a fee for that, or is GMC quietly toiling away on its own BFR?

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