You May Be Able to Write Off 100% of the Purchase Price of an Ultimate Toys Sprinter Conversion Van in the First Year

You May Be Able to Write Off 100% of the Purchase Price of an Ultimate Toys Sprinter Conversion Van in the First Year

Published: October 20, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

There are many great reasons to buy an Ultimate Toys luxury Sprinter. The fact that the company begins with a Mercedes Sprinter, a remarkably solid foundation for a recreational vehicle or a daily driver, is one. Others include the fact that the interiors are designed with unusual deftness and consideration, that they place that all-important amenity—a bathroom—(the largest offered in the industry) high on the list of optional priorities. They also hand-craft the wood and leather surfaces.

There’s one more good reason to add to the list, and it’s going to be the most compelling reason of all for many tire-kickers out there: a change to a tax law makes it possible to write off the whole purchase price of an Ultimate Toys Sprinter in the first year. The most recent deduction limit change to Section 179 of U.S. tax law translates to savings up to $50K in the year of purchase and delivery for business owners and for people who elect the Ultimate Toys program, which matches qualified renters with owners to mitigate the purchase price. The 100% depreciation makes the cost of an Ultimate Toys Sprinter less than that of a luxury SUV.

In effect, with the passage and signing into law of H.R.1, aka, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the deduction limit for Section 179 increased to $1,000,000 for 2018 and beyond. The limit on equipment purchases likewise has increased to $2.5 million. There are of course limitations and restrictions, so a conversation with an accountant will be necessary to determine whether you qualify for the rebate.

Two of the models offered by Ultimate Toys are the 144 Commuter and the Presidential. Both models can be optioned with a bathroom. The Commuter is naturally one of the most commute-friendly of the Ultimate Toys line, and handles like a larger SUV. Easy to park, and maneuver in close-quarters traffic, the Commuter is a great option as a vehicle that can take on daily or frequent driving tasks, while being ready for spontaneous weekend excursions or lengthy vacation road trips, with up to 60 cubic feet of storage space on hand for recreational staples.

The Presidential brings the available storage space up to 80 cubic feet when a bathroom is optioned, and an enormous 100 cubic feet otherwise. It’s perhaps the most versatile sprinter on the market and is suited to a broad spectrum of usage contexts. Like all Ultimate Toys’ models, it features hand-crafted and custom interiors perfect for myriad business and personal uses, as well as state-of-the-art electronics.

Both the Commuter and the Presidential are appealing choices for those who qualify under Section 179. But the vehicle range isn’t limited to those two – be sure and check out the full line of Ultimate Toys Sprinter luxury conversion vans: the Entertainer, the Ultimate Limo, and the Ultimate RV.

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Disclaimer: the content herein does not constitute tax or legal advice and may not be construed as such. Consult a qualified professional regarding any tax or legal matters.

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