Aston Martin-Designed Home in New York Could Be Yours for $7.7M

Aston Martin-Designed Home in New York Could Be Yours for $7.7M

Published: October 20, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Like other upper-echelon carmakers, Aston Martin has branched out into establishing itself as a 21st-century lifestyle brand. But while the likes of Bentley, Lexus, and AMG may only burnish their brand personae with sticks of slick furniture and the occasional yacht, Aston has actually designed a residential compound—which, natch, is designed especially for a buyer who takes car collecting very seriously indeed. The interiors incorporate one’s favorite autos as interior design elements.

The main home’s architecture—designed by firm S3 Architecture—is certainly conceptual, although the interior living style incorporates its landscape as an essential context in a way that looks to high modern design as an immediate inspiration. The Hudson River Valley setting is particularly verdant and dramatic, and the home’s transparent planes occasionally virtually eliminate any distinction between interior and setting. At every opportunity, the house cites the 55 acres that surround it.

The 6,000 sq. ft. of living spaces are similarly naturalistic, with a variety of wood tones—natural and stained—as well as textural embellishments using narrow plank and stone. Nary a lick of paint is to be seen in the entire home; the result is a peculiar reprise of the green ideal that took root amongst the more well-heeled and educated denizens of 1970s Woodstock, New York, but executed against a design framework that reflects contemporary sensibilities. It’s quite beautiful.

The compound expands from the main house to incorporate a pool house slash wellness pavilion, a guest house, a tree house, a garden, and three small studio ‘pods’ which may be purposed in a variety of ways; all told, there are 8,400 sq. ft. of interior living space on this property. But to move in will cost you $7.7 million.

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