Maserati Shows Off Fuoriserie Personalization Program With Flashy Specimens

Maserati Shows Off Fuoriserie Personalization Program With Flashy Specimens

Published: October 1, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Maserati is getting in on the bespoke auto market. In fact, the legendary Italian automaker is jumping in with both feet. The results might surprise you, as Maserati’s sense of style renders results that fall far from the stuffy bespoke treatments you might be used to seeing.

The company revealed its new, aggressive marketing plan for the new decade, and alongside the unveiling of the MC20 halo car comes the unveiling of the Maserati customization collection. The automaker calls the line Fuoriserie, and it is intended to dress up less exotic Maseratis like the Ghibli, and render them as statements of individuality and belief in personal freedom.

To get their more well-heeled clients thinking outside the box, Maserati came up with three designer schemes of Fuoriserie semi-accomplished. The trio collectively represents Maserati then, now, and to come.

For racing aficionados and Maserati traditionalists, the Corse collection reprises classic liveries unique to Maserati racecars. Unica is the present-tense; Maserati hints at the incorporation of current trends. Futura is the most progressive, with sustainable materials offered and a chilly, slightly sci-fi aesthetic.

The three collections offer vegetable-tanned leather seats, special badging and embossing, and color scheme possibilities that are unusually daring, and will appeal to the artistic eye—witness the fully decked-out Unica example below; to quote Jagger/Richards: she’s a rainbow.

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