Gucci Layers Ironic Commentary Into FAKE/NOT Collection

Gucci Layers Ironic Commentary Into FAKE/NOT Collection

Published: September 24, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Gucci’s newest collection takes aim squarely at inauthenticity, and takes a subtle jab at its own brand image in the process. The collection is called Fake/Not, and it looks like traditional Gucci—with the singular monogram in full flower—but for the stenciled lettering emblazoned on each piece.

This is real Gucci, so the fact that FAKE is so prominent on the front of the jacket, suitcase and other bags, accessories and clothing articles makes the collection the most indulgent of ironies. In so openly declaring FAKE, the items achieve their status. In back, NOT concisely contradicts.

The list of items in the collection includes secondary clothing items—scarves and hats—as well as footwear, jacket, and bags and suitcases various and sundry. Both men’s and women’s wear are included.

We challenge the fakers to copy the collection; that’d be irony compounded. Before very long, they likely will.

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