Rolls-Royce Turns Dawn Into Two-Seat ‘Silver Bullet’

Rolls-Royce Turns Dawn Into Two-Seat ‘Silver Bullet’

Published: September 19, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

A Rolls roadster is a dream come true for California drivers, and to make the transition to autumn a little less painful, Rolls-Royce has presented us with this variation on the Dawn: the Silver Bullet.

Rolls reached back to 1920s aerodynamic ideals to style the Silver Bullet’s body language, or so they tell us. The car’s soft lines and drop-top tonneau cowlings whisper a quiet evocation of that era, but the car doesn’t stray far from the contemporary look, with a typically muscular Rolls fascia; the indentation that bisects the hood and the rounded corners perhaps also suggest the golden age of travel, as it gives the hood an almost art deco look.

Engine and tech will remain unchanged from the regular production Dawn, presumably. But Rolls will build only 50 examples of the Silver Bullet.

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