Brad Pitt for Brioni: No-Nonsense Elegance

Brad Pitt for Brioni: No-Nonsense Elegance

Published: September 17, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Italian menswear brand Brioni enlisted Brad Pitt as a fall/winter collection advertising figurehead. Pitt showed off the company’s brand presence—and its 75th anniversary—in a shoot helmed by fashion photographer Mikael Jansson.

The photographic series is accompanied by a video that features an inside look at the shoot. The video and the photographs are both in black and white. The aesthetic brings out the timeless quality of the collection and the brand’s design philosophy.

Pitt’s presence as a brand ambassador for Brioni sees him continuing to fulfill modeling duties for the esteemed brand. Last year, he was engaged to model for Brioni’s Spring & Summer 2020 adverts.

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