Maserati Begins a New Chapter With $210K MC20

Maserati Begins a New Chapter With $210K MC20

Published: September 15, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

We may not yet be on the cusp of 2021—and a much better year we hope it will be than the one we’re currently mired in—but venerable Italian maker of exotics and racecars Maserati is already looking ahead to 2022. This month the company revealed a new model, the MC20, which represents a departure for the company, and a means of moving into the middle of this fledgling decade as a prominent force in its chosen niche.

The company plans to use the model as a broad-spectrum market presence, with road-legal variants including both convertible and hard-tops, and EV drivetrains. A track-only version is also planned. For ICE-based variants, the MC20 will come outfitted with a Maserati-designed V6 biturbo that displaces three liters and tops out at 621 horsepower. There is a lot of carbon fiber in the build, to provide a high power-to-weight ratio.

The car’s design language is track-oriented—fluid, and refreshingly free from dramatic angularity. Its nose is dominated by a recessed, oblong-shaped grille, and its roofline gradient toward the rear of the car is an incredibly graceful slop that terminates with a lip spoiler. The model will feature dihedral doors.

The road-legal version of the MC20 will feature Maserati’s new ‘Maserati Connect’ comprehensive infotainment system. Two 10” screens account for instrument vitals and essential controls for entertainment, atmospherics, and creature comforts. Leather and Alcantara sheath the cabin, with carbon fiber accents for visual impact.

And when will the 2022 MC20 be available? Right now, Maserati is targeting the summer or fall of next year for initial deliveries. The sooner the better.

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