Aston Martin Q Serves Up $2.7M ‘Victor’ One-Off

Aston Martin Q Serves Up $2.7M ‘Victor’ One-Off

Published: September 10, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

Aston Martin’s Q division’s most recent one-off looks something like a lost 1970s supercar. The model is called the Victor; its design style is founded on the first-generation Vantage, but there’s a lot of One-77, Valkyrie, and Vulcan hiding in plain sight in it as well.

The car sports the powerplant from the One-77. The engine is a big one—it boasts 7.3 liters of displacement and can pump out 836 horsepower and 606 pound-feet of torque—and it pushes a lightweight carbon fiber monocoque via a Graziano six-speed manual. Aston didn’t reveal any speed numbers in the press release, but the power-to-weight ratio must be remarkable.

The car boasts a series of 1970s design flourishes, including round headlights and potently expressed fastback lines that culminate in an abrupt trunk lip. The interiors are clad in green leather—complimenting the paint color—with titanium and aluminum accents, and a wood shift knob.

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