2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Still the Benchmark

2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Still the Benchmark

Published: September 5, 2020 | By: American Luxury Staff

The top-tier series in the Mercedes-Benz lineup—the S-Class—has been revealed for 2021, and the revisions are considerable. Whereas the 2018 model was a mid-cycle refresh, this is an all-new iteration. And with every new version of the sedan, Mercedes seems intent on reinventing the idea of luxury driving as it reinvents the S-Class, neatly linking the two into one idea. And, as a luxury corollary, Mercedes is going to let the new S-Class sedans—the S580 and S500—get plenty of exposure before revealing the ne plus ultra of the lineup: a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, which is expected to be announced in the fall. A Pullman might even follow.

The S-Class has always been a de facto benchmark—arguably the one by which all other luxury sedans are judged. But with the company’s interior-only reveal for the 2021 model year, which appeared earlier this month, Mercedes took a different approach to developing the myth of its legendary series by presenting its cabin as a kind of lifestyle choice.

The newest release, which is more of a general survey of the 2021 S-Class, emphasizes the enhanced act of driving as it relates to these cars. Tops on the list of S-Class-exclusive new features is the optional E-Active Body Control suspension—already available on Mercedes’ upper-level crossovers—which can transform the S580 and S500 into a touring car or a performance sedan.

However, changes to the cabin indicate Mercedes is positioning the S580 and S500 as performance touring cars without peer. The console features a 12.8” screen; it is the locus of the interior, which is otherwise pleasingly free of visual clutter. Aromatherapy options include various ‘Mood’ settings, and seat cooling, heating, and massage have been improved. For drivers, an instrument cluster and head-up display that project a visual field are nifty gadgets; the head-up display in particular may indicate innovations to come.

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